Roger Ver Shares His Opinion on Bitcoin As Well As Bitcoin Cash

The early Bitcoin investor, Roger Ver was live in an interview with CTmZ. He discussed on many topics related to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Here is the detailed  interview!

The first concept was, Roger Ver promotes BCH while he criticizes Bitcoin. Why is it necessary to criticize BTC while having such a great platform like BCH? He said he criticizes Bitcoin because of their community and the fact that they censor anybody with their dissenting opinion.

Roger Ver also denied the fact that he mass blocked people who have different opinions about Bitcoin. The website that he owns, depicts more like a Bitcoin website rather than Bitcoin Cash website. Why is it so?

Roger Ver replied to it saying that wallet offers the same functionality to both BTC and BCH users. Basically, to support the brand new users who do not know the difference between the two currencies.

In a previous interview Roger Ver was tricked and questioned on the name Bitcoin Cash. The coin Bitcoin Cash can have an absolutely different name without having “Bitcoin” in it. Why not call it “BCash”?

He believes that it is the Bitcoin community who should change its name and not Bitcoin Cash. It is because Bitcoin in the title of its white paper appears as a cash system. And he says that it is not what the BTC community is trying to build. Hence, the BTC community should change the name and not BCH.

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During the interview he had a rapid fire round where he answered to the question “Is Craig Wright the Satoshi?”. To which Roger feels partially Craig Wright is Satoshi. He also feels crypto is the future of money.

CTmZ had a quite controversial meme for their promotion which was quite funnier though.

The main contributions of Roger to the society is that he spread cryptocurrency to the world quite effectively. He also plans for some more fundraising this year.

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