Research Says: There Has Been A Rise In Cryptocurrency ATM Machines

2018 has been a sketchy year especially for cryptocurrencies when it comes to price fluctuation market, however, rise in Cryptocurrency ATM Machines

On the other side, there have been the majority of cryptocurrency ATM machines that are expanding to around 4,000. The crypto prices fluctuation can occur, however, the adoption seems to get closer and closer.

Data Light, a crypto analytics firm shares an insight of data showing a massive uptrend in the cryptocurrency ATM machines installation in 2018.

Crypto ATMs Are Expanding

The analytics data states that 6 cryptocurrency ATM machines installs daily on average in 2018.  Additionally, there are various factors to this wide crypto adoption and integration. One is the crypto availability for masses, which is the once that stats shows. However, let’s check out the most exciting data within the stats:

  1. Currently, there are 4,051 cryptocurrency ATM machines around the world
  2. From which majority of them offer Bitcoin
  3. Litecoin is available at 2,421
  4. Ethereum is accessible at almost half the machines
  5. Also, Dash is available around 729 machines

Moreover, additional cryptocurrencies also shows impressive figures offering greater crypto adoption. They are not resolving solely over top three to four cryptos, those includes

  • Zcash with 67
  • Dogecoin with 79
  • Monero holding 128

Also, analyzing the graph, the majority of the ATMs installs over initial few months of particular year. At the time when the prices of cryptos stays still before the monumental price hike in December.

Interesting ATM Machine Stats From 2018

There are various other sites offering the complete crypto ATM stats. The stats consist of crypto ATM map, their listing in total over 4,085 cryptocurrency ATM machines across 76 countries around the world.

There are about 1,258 Bitcoin ATM machines in the US location, and 1,000 supporting Bitcoin Cash and so on. The United Kingdom owns around 200 ATMs machines, and Central Europe has 750. South America is not lacking behind which comes up with 65 machines. Whereas, Australia slightly lags behind South America holding 54 machines.

The rapid growth in cryptocurrency ATM machines by 2018 shows people’ interest starting to see cryptocurrency in positive terms in comparison to fiat currency, which is something great for the industry.

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Research Review
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  • They have an A+ rating in BBB.
  • There are different types of bonuses available.
  • Positive product reviews
  • Money-back guarantee on the product purchases


  • They have an A+ rating in BBB.
  • There are different types of bonuses available.
  • Positive product reviews
  • Money-back guarantee on the product purchases
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