Ripple’s Xpring Is Investing On Wietse Wind’s XRP Ledger Labs

Xpring announced its plans to invest on Wietse Wind XRPL labs, to encourage growth for ecosystem surrounding Interledger protocol and XRP Ledger.

Vanessa Pestritto announced on Medium that Ripple’s Xpring plans to invest on Wietse Wind’s XRPL labs, which is a community of developers who work hard to enhance the growth of Interledger protocol and XRP Ledger. These developers engage in developing applications for XRP Ledger. All are aware of their exemplary work as they will get rewards of an undisclosed amount of funds from global payment start-up.

Earlier, Wietse has worked dedicatedly worked on developing projects and tools for Ripple community. There are numerous projects that Wietse has worked on, such as decentralized exchange, mobile wallet, and cold storage operating system.

Although Ripple is investing a certain amount on XRPL labs, Wietse continues to work on the projects with his employees. With this news, Wietse went on Twitter to announce that his team will begin to work on some XRP apps.

Elaborating on Medium Vanessa explains the reason why Xpring settled on his project.

Wietse is a proven entrepreneur and has successfully grown his companies organically. He has built a technology consulting company, which serves numerous clients ranging from larger scale companies to smaller offices. He’s also built and ran a software company that provided a platform as a service for rapid web development.

XRPL Labs Projects

The Signing platform allows any interested parties to interact with XRP ledger directly from their Android or iOS smartphones. This application also has DEX and multi sign support.

DEX UI where user can trade XRP with IOUs or even vice versa. Through this DEX user can also send, create and cancel offer directly on the XRP ledger.

A cold storage OS is 100% air-gapped.  This also enhances security and for a user to reap all these benefits, all he/she needs to do is install the company’s Linux-based XRPL Cold Storage OS.

Xpring describes itself as a proverbial spring which is Ripple’s initiative that invests in, incubate, acquires and provides grants to companies and projects which the entrepreneurs run. Head of the team is Ethan Beard, who is the SVP at Ripple and Former Director of the Facebook Developer Network at Facebook.

There are few projects that are reaping benefits from Xpring investments. These projects include Coil, found by Stefan Thomas- the founder of InterLedger Protocol (ILP) who was once a team member of Ripple. Thomas McLeod, who is creating Omni, a market place which uses XRP as settlement currency and Scooter Braun are the brilliant brains behind SB projects.  

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