Ripple is Now Available on Android Wallet App

Bitpinas confirms with about the integration of Ripple with its wallet app on the CX trading platform.


According to post released on Aug 9, Bitpinas says that Ripple wallet app is now live on Android of

Advertisement is performing a test on integrating Ripple (XRP) with its renowned wallet app. The platform also discloses its plan to incorporate XRP within CX. The CX is the cryptocurrency exchange platform of

Ripple, CX, and is leading mobile blockchain company of Southeast Asia which came into existence in 2014 by the entrepreneur Ron Hose. This platform allows the easy access to the financial services by directly using their phones.

This platform offers a mobile wallet and services such as bill payments, online shopping, etc. This company is also operating in the Philippines and Thailand.

CX is the first digital currency exchange in the Philippines to bring the most leading trustable cryptocurrency wallet.

Ripple is currently the third largest cryptocurrency which was built back in 2012 and the CEO is Brad Garlinghouse. The 24-hr volume of XRP is around $283,519,202 USD at the time of writing.

Waves of Good News for Ripple XRP

The price of Ripple XRP still keeps on fluctuating with an average gap. There has been much good news for Ripple as it came back to life from the dark side. In last year, Ripple XRP was the best performer in coins so is today. This time it has achieved the credibility much more than expected. Some recent news:

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Bitcoin Superstore recently added XRP as a mode of payment, providing XRP holders more than 200,000 online stores around the space.

Coinbase added the support for the new user XRP in the trading list of 40 existing cryptocurrency. It was accomplished after the launching of custodial service a month ago.

Wirex also adopted XRP, allowing users to connect the cryptocurrency wallet to a debit card. Using this card user can use XRP to purchase any retail products.

Ripple Available on

During an interview, the head of, Colin Goltra told Bitpinas that they are currently rolling out Ripple integration to some limited number of random participants.

Ripple XRP will be one amongst the wallets on the dashboard of app and users can swipe through the other wallets. Now, the trial no longer exists for new participants. Mr. Goltra says in a statement that “We’re still gathering data and deciding on our support level for XRP.” He also states that there’s no confirmed date for the release of Ripple wallets.

Ripple XRP CX

Ripple XRP on CX Platform

Colin Goltra strongly states about the commitment of of integrating Ripple XRP on CX. Ripple support was previously declared at the launching time of CX. The user can find all the details on the dashboard of CX. They can also check out the trading pairs on the upper left panel.

At the moment, the CX user can trade PHP with these cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash

CX will add the support Ripple XRP and Litecoin in the near future.

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