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Ripple Makes place in CNBC’s Top 50 Disruptor Companies list 2020



  • CNBC identifies Ripple as the blockchain remittance provider and includes it in its ‘Top 50 Disruptor companies 2020’.
  • In the recent episode of Block Stars, Breanne Madigan-VP, Head of Global Institutional Markets at Ripple talked on the growing interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies despite the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The XRP price is expected to rise in the coming days and might reach $10 by next year.

Ripplenet services just got better! 

CNBC, Yesterday published a list of 50 private companies whose technology breakthroughs are influencing the market and leading space. 

These companies managed to emerge from the current situation of COVID-19 with the adaption of technology that separates them from their competitors. 

Ripple has been featured in the Disruptor 50 Companies list under the ‘Money Transfer’ category using Blockchain as a key technology. 

Ripple is known for modernizing the Global Payment infrastructure using the power of blockchain. It aims at easing the task of sending money around the world with less cost and high speed, as well as sending an email. This is the main grounds for Ripple being featured as one of the 50 Disruptor companies.

‘Adoption of Digital Assets requires Greater Liquidity’

The Ripple’s new podcast series hosted by David Schwartz, Ripple CTO, and XRPL co-founder, Block Stars, was joined by the guest Breanne Madigan. Breanne said that the institutional interest on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been growing despite the current pandemic situation of COVID-19.

She further tells that presently the financial analysts are also recommending digital assets as security against the central banks manipulated fiat currency. Discussing on the adoption of the digital assets, she said,

Coinbase and Gemini got their accounts approved at JP Morgan Chase. Paul Tudor Jones (Hegde Fund Manager) announced that close to 2% of his assets are in Bitcoin. We’ve had a particularly momentous series of headlines that will drive institutional adoption.”

However, she also acknowledges that the mainstream institutional adoption of digital assets is dependant on the liquidity which in turn depends on,

  • The tightness of costs between buys and sells
  • The flexibility of market stocks
  • The breadth of trading instruments
  • Order book depth

Breanne further discussed the need for clear global jurisdictions which will help the industry and also ensure the countries that are yet to frame legislations are not deprived of blockchain benefits. She said,

We need clarity from regulators but then we don’t want it to be too perspective and specific that we stifle innovation. A number of global jurisdictions have started in a positive way to take the lead around setting frameworks. That’s been extremely helpful but we need a consistent approach across the globe.”

Ripple Has Big Future-Brag Garlinghouse

Ripple’s CEO Brag Garlinghouse predicts a bright future of the digital asset in the coming years. He said that Ripple might become the Amazon of the crypto industry by 2025. He also stressed the importance of cooperating with governments and banks and also urged the regulators to set in.

In one of the recent survey posted by Japanese cryptocurrency exchange BITMEX, it showed that XRP has become the most popular crypto asset next to bitcoin in the country, The people prefer XRP over ETH after BTC.

Will XRP reach $10?

XRP did not have a great year in 2019, but the experts hope a good performance in the current year and the coming years as well. Ripple is mainly known for its cross border bank-to-bank payment system, ‘RippleNet’ is gaining popularity. In 2020 it is expected to stretch to more countries with more market flows greater than $2 million compared to 2019.

If all this going at its place, then Ripple price might reach $2 in 2020 and can surge to $3 per coin in 2021. In the coming five years XRP may progress to attain the price in between $4 – $8 per coin. Many other crypto prediction websites also predict a good future for XRP reaching it as high as $20. 

Summarizing the Whole Story!!

Digital Assets have a good future in the coming years as told by many experts like discussed by Ripple’s Breanne Madigan. A wide range of predictions has been published by many traders or websites or experts till now. It would be very interesting to know which predictions will turn into reality.

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