Ripple CEO Predicts XRP To Be One Controversial Cryptos by 2025

Author: Dare Shonubi

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Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of the blockchain payment firm Ripple made optimistic predictions about the company as well as its native token, XRP. He sees XRP as Controversial Crypto by 2025.

Speaking with CNN’s Julia Chatterlye, Garlinghouse shares his views on Ripple, XRP and company’s plan for 2020. He says, down the line in five years, Ripple wants to become the Amazon of the crypto industry, adding XRP as Controversial Crypto by 2025.

“I hope that in 5 years we’re not just Amazon books, we’re Amazon” said Garlinghouse 

Ripple As The Amazon Of Crypto – Brad Garlinghouse

The CEO made particular reference to Amazon’s historical growth and status as an e-commerce giant having started out as an online bookseller. Garlinghouse says that as XRP solves cross-boarder payments, he expects a growth pathway similar to that of Amazon. 

Nevertheless, he expects XRP a big name among its contemporaries. Further on the topic of accomplishments, Garlinghouse maintained that the developments coming to the crypto industry in 5 years are impossible to estimate. 

Expecting these developments to materialize soon, Garlinghouse sees Ripple growing much larger and providing real solutions for customers. 

This is especially true as Ripple has been partnering with many strategic giant companies. The major players include SBI, Moneygram, IndusInd, and Saudi Arabian British bank. Ripple aims to improve its market share and dominance in the remittances and cross-border payments industry.

Recent Growth And Expectations

“We’ve added more than 150 employees last year, at a time when I think others have been less focused on solving real world problems. There’s been a bunch of lay offs in crypto community over the past weeks”

The CEO expresses the belief that Ripple Network and its underlying economy-fuel, XRP will continue to grow and record major milestones. He opinionated that other major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoins are not viewed and competitors in the areas of finance from which XRP finds its usefulness and that although overall growth in the crypto space irrespective of coin, is a good thing for everyone.

Ripple CEO On China’s Digital Currency

As Garlinghouse began to round off his several opinions and accomplishments, he noted that the development of a Chinese national digital currency is healthy for the crypto ecosystem. 

Expressing thoughts that blockchain projects are to take regulations as key, he expressed optimism about China’s digital Yuan.

“When I step back and think about it macro, I think it’s really healthy and constructive for the entire crypto blockchain community to see central banks and central governments lean into what can these new technologies do to make our economy more efficient, our payment infrastructure more efficient… so at large I think it’s really positive.”

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Dare Shonubi

Certified cryptocurrency expert and Blockchain journalist covering crypto market analysis and general Blockchain adoption and development.

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