Revain Coin Escalates To 51.70%! How Will It Affect The Crypto Market?

In the crypto world, there is always some instability affecting at least one specific market. Although , that is not be happening with the top 15 today, there is some interesting raise in the rankings. Revain, for example, has begun raising up again.

The Revain price, is currently performing well during these uncertain times. The coin is enjoying  the Green day all over the place once again.

According to the coinmarketcap, currently, Revain is experiencing a relatively high growth of 51.70%  ranking in 63rd position with price value $0.158161. The coin has a market capitalization of $76,621,112 million. Over one week, Revain has traded up 35.6% against the dollar.

Basically, Revain (R) is a blockchain-based feedback platform. The Revain platform is completely different from other blockchains. It has 2 tokens, the R token, and RVN token. The R token is used to collect funds during the ICO and exchange with other cryptocurrencies. The RVN token is used particularly inside Revain platform, to reward users or companies for quality reviews and  eliminates fake and spam reviews.

Recently, on January 31st, 2019, The Platform reached a milestone  including  more than 2,000 crypto exchanges and projects. This made Revain the singular website where one can read authentic reviews of experts, users, and investors about crypto space.

All things considered, surely there is some price excitement with little trading volume and no major developments. Anyways, it seems that, this rise will not last much further.

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Revain Coin Escalates To 51.70%! How Will It Affect The Crypto Market?
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Revain Coin Escalates To 51.70%! How Will It Affect The Crypto Market?
Revain price reaches $0.16. Get the detailed Revain Price analysis here at coinpedia. According to Coinmarketcap, rvn coin reaches to highest.
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