Real estate project in Dubai-First major development to buy in Bitcoin

British entrepreneurs Michelle Mone and Dong Barrowman have launched a bitcoin priced real estate development in Dubai. The project sans around 2.4 million sq. feet and divides across two 40 stores residential towers. The developers entitle that it is first major development which is going to be price in Bitcoin.

A 250-million-pound luxury development has been launched and the its entrepreneurs allowing to pay in Bitcoin.

Mone told CNBC in an interview,

“Being a designer for 21 years, it’s a real passion of mine as the design side, and it’s great to be partnering up together as well to launch this. And this is the first major global development where you can purchase in bitcoin”.

Why Bitcoin?

The venture capitalist told CNBC in an interview,

“I’ve been invested in the crypto world for the last couple of years really, and it’s a sector I’ve watched grow and emerge”.

Barrowman, chairman of the Knox Group of companies says that the pair chose bitcoin as part of the virtual token’s emergence as a more “mainstream” of investment.

He adds, “crypto world” will warm up the property development as investors who don’t wish to live. Accordingly, the property can receive a 9% return on investment after completion.

Barrowman says, “it’s how crypto world operates, they like to be reward discounts, on ICOs to allow them to buy things. Hence, I think it’s quite groundbreaking what we’re doing”.

Michelle Mone, British entrepreneur and parliamentarian,

“It’s the currency of the future”.

 Project to be completes by September 2019

The apartments will be apartments will sell initially at a starting price of 30 bitcoin. Therefore, it is worth of $133.918. It includes a shopping mall and more than 1000 apartments as it is a due for completion by September 2019.

The process of transaction will be by cryptocurrency payment platform BitPay. It provide payment tools to Billionaire Richard Branson’s space endeavor Virgin Galactic and Billionaire.

On Wednesday, BitPay CEO Stephen Pair said in a statement, “These property purchases can now happen in minutes from anywhere in the world with the speed of sending an email”.

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