Bitcobie will be the Master XPOS Distributor in Spain

On June 3rd, An ethereum based token pundiX announced that Spanish cryptocurrency platform Bitcobie will be the master XPOS distributor in Spain.

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As the master distributor, Bitcobie will look after activities relating to the XPOS distribution network in the country. Which refers that Bitcobie will guarantee the sale prices of the XPOS are the same across all Spanish distributors. The company will also aim to generate new commercial relations and supervise new business models for XPOS in the country.

Basically, Bitcobie was an early partner of Pundi X. It serving as one of the first XPOS distributors in Spain. The company also includes an extensive guide on Pundi X’s products and projects on its website for other Spanish-speaking crypto enthusiasts.

“We aim to have XPOS distributors in each Spanish province who will be in charge of contacting shops and new sellers, all of whom will receive Bitcobie’s logistical support,” said Álvaro Cobarro, CEO of Bitcobie.

Till today, the XPOS has been shipped to more than 30 countries across the world. Also, Aside from Spain, this includes Argentina, Australia, Colombia, France, South Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, the USA, Uganda and more.

Melcom Copeland, Director of Pundi X, says

“Bitcobie’s new role as a master distributor is born out of a new distribution model that Pundi X will implement in other countries. Also, The model will work with three tiers: a master distributor that will manage all activities, several distributors that will communicate with sellers, and several sellers that will reach XPOS end-users,” .

Moreover, Bitcobie will present Pundi X technology and payment solution in a meetup organized by CryptoPlaza in Madrid on June 4.

“Thanks to this new strategy that will be pioneered in Spain and will serve as a model for the rest of the countries, there will be a collective work between the distributors. And there will be a constant support to the sales strategies of the sellers,” said Cobarro.

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