Pundi X Integrates Support For Binance Chain

The team at Pundi X aims to integrate support for Binance Chain. After the completion of the process, all the token developers on Binance Chain can list their tokens on Pundi X open platform.

Zac Cheah, the co-founder and CEO of Pundi X, made an announcement saying,

“We’re happy to announce that Open Platform will support Binance Chain tokens. Binance Chain developers will be able to add more use cases for their cryptocurrencies by reaching physical stores and retailers around the world equipped with the XPOS.”

Binance Chain developers can access their BEP2 tokens listed on the Pundi X Open Platform. This Open Platform allows developers to have their cryptocurrencies as a part of Pundi X payment ecosystem.

Changpeng Zhao also explains about his mission with Binance Chain,

“Our mission with Binance Chain is to have a truly decentralized platform for exchanging assets, and it’s a mission we share with our friends from Pundi X. We look forward to seeing what new frontiers our Binance Chain token developers reach through this integration.”

Access To Crypto Payments

The Pundi X payments ecosystem usually revolves around XPOS. Basically, XPOS is a point-of-sale device which allows its merchants to accept cryptocurrencies for their transactions. XPOS is linked with the XPASS and XWallet.

XPASS is a NFC-enabled physical card that can be used in all XPOS retailers. Whereas XWallet is a mobile app that allows users to track and manage their funds. The XPOS merchants will now accept payments in Bitcoin, Ether, BNB, DGX, KCS, KNC, and Pundi X’s own token, NPXS.

Cheah also discusses on his mission for blockchain technology,

“The Open Platform furthers our mission to make blockchain technology and cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. With Binance Chain on board, we hope to extend that mission to more of our fellow blockchain developers.”

Pundi X also aims to complete the integration before July 1, 2019. Also, the withdrawal and deposit of BNB BEP2 will begin from 0:00:00 GMT+8 on July 1 or earlier.

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