Pro-Bitcoin Community Cancels Lawsuit Plans Against Bitcoin(dot)Com

Pro-Bitcoin Core community said it does not have enough funds to proceed with the lawsuit against website. It accused the website of blurring the difference between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin and misleading users to buy Bitcoin Cash.

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The pro-Bitcoin community that was planning to a lawsuit against run by Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver will not be proceeding with the lawsuit due to lack of enough funds.

The Bitcoin community accused the website of appearing to blur distinction between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin and misleading people to buy the latter.

The community leader MoneyTrigz said on the group’s Telegram channel on May 3. However, that the campaign which they started on April 27 raised only $3700 BTC worth of funds from 33 people, but this amount is not enough.

Contributors will now get their funds back.

He also said on Twitter that he is happy that the community is “able to at least get bitcoin(dot)com make 90% changes on its fraud and dis-information.”

He was referring to the changes made by website. One of the changes according to Charlie Lee, the Litecoin creator, is that the website now lists Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin Cash and not Bitcoin posting. He said this on his Twitter page this week.

Bitcoin Cash forked out of Bitcoin in August 2017. It claims to offer better scalability than Bitcoin. Roger Ver, who is one of the earliest investors in Bitcoin, was a proponent of Bitcoin Cash before switching camp. However, last year to lead creation of Bitcoin Cash. And last week he posted on his @YoursOrg account why he thinks Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.

The video posting describes Bitcoin Cash as having more of the “things that make Bitcoin” and which aren’t present in Bitcoin Core. It includes low fees, peer-to-peer, fast and reliable payments, on-chain scaling, op-codes and other features. According to him, Bitcoin Cash scores 68 percent on all the features listed against a nearly half score for Bitcoin. This is despite the fact that Bitcoin Core has a longer chain and a stronger larger community.

He also twitted last night that, “Bitcoin Core was like a babysitter that kicked you out of your own house, kept your baby, and won’t give it back to you.”

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