Popular Crypto Influencer Predicts Bitcoin Price Will Hit $250k by Q1 2023


On August 9th, Tim Draper, an American Venture Capitalist, a billionaire investor, and founder of Draper Associates was on Yahoo Finance to announce the launch of Grit BXNG and speaks bitcoin price in the upcoming future.


During an interview, Draper said that the boxing gym Grit BXNG, he invested in will be the first-ever gym to accept bitcoin. He also highlighted that the company would be able to avoid the payment processing fees associated with processing credit card payments.

Draper jokingly said that : 

“I’m the first customer he’s had who paid in bitcoin, and by the way, I was a little reticent to do it because I know what that stuff’s worth… I think I paid $36 in Bitcoin but it’ll probably be worth $360,000.”

Also, he extended the timeline of his bitcoin call a bit to 2023. According to Draper, 

“$250,000 by 2022, and I’m hedging a little, maybe Q1 2023,” he said. “It may be Q1 2023, but it will be [$250,000] before that.”

Draper doubled down his Bitcoin prediction saying that Bitcoin price will hit $250,000 by 2023. Due to current trends, however, there might be a slight delay to the giant price tag becoming reality.

However, Tim has been keeping up with the market trends, and he has invested millions in bitcoins in the past. If the cryptocurrency decides to appreciate and meet his price target, then Grit BXNG’s move of accepting bitcoin as a payment option will prove out to be another brilliant move.

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