Overtime more & more people will choose currency claims Pomp

Bitcoin promoter, Anthony Pompliano recently shared an excerpt from his September interview with Squawk box, CNBC. The interviewer questions him about the US dollar and how Bitcoin will be beneficial if adopted. Pomp takes the help of the CNBC medium to urge the Federal Government to tokenize the US Dollars as soon as possible. He further exclaims that Other countries are tokenizing their currencies. For instance, China is on the verge of releasing the Digital Yuan. If it happens, the global currency i.e. Dollar may take a hit. Early tokenization of Dollar will help to preserve it as Global Reserve Currency. 

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He further claims Bitcoin as not manipulative, not seizable and non-censorable. Listening to it, one of the panel member chimes in claiming Bitcoin as not debase-able. According to Pomp, global users are slowly but steadily accepting currencies. He quotes

” Overtime more & more people will choose currency that is not controlled by Government. “

His tweet had great support from crypto twitter users. Binance founder Chengpeng Zhao applauded Pomp on his interview, calling him “Awesome“.

Another Twitter user added Bitcoin is IMMUTABLE.

Some tweets were like “Most fiat are already digital?” To this Pomp replied that thought the fiat are digital, but they are being controlled by the Government. This control takes out the meaning of decentralization. 

November month saw the news making rounds that the Federal Government is looking into the possibility of developing a central bank digital currency (CBDC). However, it is still unclear as to when a CBDC will be available for circulation. 

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