Poloniex Offers ETC/BTC Margin Trading For Non-US Customers

Ethereum Classic Is Now Available For Margin Trading On Poloniex

Poloniex, by making Bitcoin as the base pair and  at 2.5 times leverage, Ethereum Classic margin trading is available for non-U.S. customers . Since the acquisition of Poloniex exchange by Circle in 2018, ETC is the first asset to be added to margin. It will join other tokens which are already available for margin : XRP/BTC, ETH//BTC, XMR//BTC, STR//BTC, FCT//BTC, LTC//BTC, BTS//BTC, DOGE//BTC, DASH//BTC, MAID//BTC, and CLAM//BTC.

This will not be the last, as they are working to add other tokens and base pairs for margin. Basically, the aim is to make the exchange one of the most advanced technological exchanges in the world.

Like other tokens available for margin, ETC is also now available for lending. Users holding ETC can lend it to other users and earn interest.

Poloniex Exchange Welcomes Cosmos

In March, Poloniex, allowed cosmos ICO participants to preview their atom’s balance. The exchange ranks on the 84th position and has a 24-hr volume of $11,299,901. Cosmos seeks to create a network of blockchain which is capable of interacting with one another through a consensus engine ‘Tendermint Core’. Atoms are the local token of the Cosmos Network.

At the beginning of the Cosmos launch, atoms cannot be transferred or traded. But here, ICO participants can preview their Atom balance on Poloniex. Once the Cosmos network chooses to allow trades, customers can regain their atoms on Polo and start trading immediately. This will provide ICO participants with a simple and secure way to claim atoms and trade on the first day.

What do you think of this new updates of Poloniex? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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