Poloniex Exchange Releases App With Powerful Mobile Trading Features

Poloniex users are having a great time, the exchange is providing new advanced updates for users one after the other. Recently, the company announced it has released a new mobile app with Powerful trading features for users. The new version is available for Android users as of now and for ios users, it will available soon.

This update is to improve the interface as well as make the whole mobile trading experience better for users. The main feature is to trade a percentage of an asset by merely moving a slider—there are no pre-set percentages like most other apps. By just moving your fingers, you can have personalized trades.

Poloniex exchange has packed a lot of information into each screen, which will help users to have most of the information in one place without making it complicated. For instance, the user can see real-time order books, market depth, user balances, their last settled trade, and more.

The exchange also aims to provide users a most seamless mobile trading experience in crypto. A few days ago, poloniex have made ETH available for margin trading and offered support for cosmos.

As it is one of the top exchanges in the world, Poloniex is surely offering new technologies to its users.

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Poloniex Exchange Releases App With Powerful Mobile Trading Features
Poloniex exchange released a new mobile app with Powerful trading features. Poloniex Mobile App provides users seamless mobile trading experience
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