Plugin (PLI) Accelerates In Price Following Its Listing on Globiance And Bitrue


Blockchain technology has the capacity to transform businesses more securely and efficiently. Moreover, the crypto industry is now submerged with billions of users which is achieved only because of blockchain technology. Besides, users prefer decentralized finance rather than the concept of centralization as DeFi does not require central financial intermediaries.


Consequently, the decentralized oracle platform Plugin offers a cost-effective solution to any smart contract that runs on the XinFin ecosystem. The Plugin provides a bridge for the smart contract with a real-time world, besides it supports different use cases. Significantly, the Plugin aims to solve high gas fees and to provide a stable system to its users in the crypto world. 

Listed On Bitrue And Globiance

Bitrue announced its listing of Plugin PLI on its platform after passing the BTRVote. Following its listing on Bitrue, the price value of the Plugin surged over 670% within 24-hours from the time of listing.

Additionally, the next launch of PLI was on the Globiance exchange platform which was delayed from October 16 to October 20. The CEO of Globiance exchange, Oliver La Rosa, posted a tweet on October 13 regarding the listing of PLI on its platform. Following that, the post mentions that the exchange represents the “XDC Rapid Listing Initiative”.

In this listing partnership celebration, it is recorded that more than 90% of the “XDC Rapid Listing initiative” was already sold out. More so, the available trading pairs on Globiance are XDC, USDG, and GBEX. In addition, La Rosa insists traders buy their native tokens GBEX before October 30 as it is still on public sale. 

However, after the listing announcement from Bitrue, the price value of PLI jumped to its ATH at $2.50. Now, users expect that it may attain a new ATH after its listing on Globiance. At the time of writing, PLI was trading at $0.705 which is 6% down in the past 24-hours with a trading volume of $240,059.

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