Play Games On Lightning Network To Earn Ample Amount Of Satoshis

Players and users can now try few occasional games on along with earning satoshis on completion of challenges.

Satoshi’s Games is a gaming platform which is powered by the lightning Network. This gaming platform went live on Feb 15. Also it allows the users and players to compete in multiple games and challenges which award them with Satoshis after the completion of the game.

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Posting the update on Twitter, the application development team showed this young application has much potential to grow.

This platform provides a quite vintage appearance with its pixelated graphics and “8-bit” tonic providing a successful immersion experience. A member from Satoshis Games development team, Carlos Roldan, elaborated their plan to attract most versatile audience to-date.

This expert explained playing may be educational and the lightning network increases the efficiency as well as the technology adoption. He further elaborated:

(We want) Above all to have a good time. Playing is not only a recreational activity but also an educational one. (We want) To eliminate friction in the user’s experience, making use of Lightning for new generations. If we can create games that attract the youngest, where Lightning intervenes, an exponential adoption will be easier to achieve.

Along with this launch, Satoshi’s Games announced a tournament having more than 200,000 sats in prizes. With the growing number of users, only a single person can take those tokens. If the user is willing to access premium games, he needs to have an account.

There are multiple methods for accomplishing it, such as the use of Google Chrome extension, Joule, that offers an interface for making Bitcoin payments using Lightning Network node. It also makes it possible to import an already created account or pay 1,000 satoshis for the creation of a new profile from the page itself.

Satoshi’s Games is convinced that this move can benefit the ecosystem. Usually, it is true that many games and dApps choose other blockchains like Ethereum, Tron and EOS. Also the fact that each time new developments exploit the potential of Lightning Network allows Bitcoin enthusiasts to maintain optimism that BTC will continue to remain the crypto King for a long time.

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