The Pharmaceutical Industry And Blockchain Technology Will Go Hand In Hand 

Patientory is in collaboration with IrisGuard to utilize blockchain data storage along with Iris Biometric Technology.

Patientory is basically a startup with its core focus on healthcare data handling. This platform is collaborating with IrisGuard to use their blockchain data storage in combination with iris biometric technology. Both of these organizations agree on attaining modern and safe patient screening.


The Patientory app is an entirely HIPPA-compliant, which recently adds another layer of security to its platform. This is via an authorization on the blockchain. Moreover, IrisGuard appears among the top suppliers regarding sensitive biometric technology, and the platform which can be used on large populations.

Additionally, this enterprise web portal solution along with application integrates EyePay, which is the IrisGuard’ proprietary tool. They intend to use mobile technology that currently the United Nations Agencies are utilizing within their projects. In the very same way, iris-scanning devices are used to screen migrants relative to the human trafficking, and also for registering refugees and orphans.

Meanwhile, IrisGuard accomplishes its millions of individual iris scans; they have already processed thousands of iris cross-comparisons. Moreover, the website claims to deploy hundreds of units within 12 countries. The IrisGuard solutions are accessible for financial authentication, ATMs authorization, microfinance, supermarket POS transactions, salary assurance, medical aid as well as remittances.

The data which EyePay produce is said to be blockchain-ready, which means that it can encrypt and get stored within a tamper-proof distributed ledger. Moreover, its phone is able to identify and authenticate a patient within a span of three seconds; also it has great potential in the healthcare industry.

According to the CEO and founder at Patientory, Chrissa McFarlane, identifying patient is a growing issue in the current healthcare system.

This technology can help providers identify an individual with unparalleled accuracy, through iris-recognition and data matching. Because it’s verified on the blockchain, it’s scalable without sacrificing data security, which is one of the main problems with our current healthcare-data infrastructure.

On the other hand, blockchain ledgers operate with the help of any data provided, adding encryption, so that if any tampering happens with the initial data, it is instantly evident. Many pieces of research prove that the usage of cryptography is applicable to the major issues for the healthcare field.

Moreover, statistics reveal that up to 20% worth patient records gets mismatched within the healthcare system. As a result, creates inefficiencies, drives up costs, and sometimes brings risks regarding patient safety. The CEO at IrisGuard U.K., Mr. Imad Malhas comments:

The EyePay Phone and PTOYNet; the blockchain network which the Patientory software runs on proactively enhances patient’s peace of mind knowing that healthcare providers are deploying the most accurate biometric/blockchain identification technology available today in an effort to ensure efficiencies of scale, privacy and trust in the healthcare authentication and authorization processes.

However, this is significantly essential that one from three Americans became a victim whose healthcare date was stolen recently. To be more specific, Iris recognition is a tool which helps prevent identity fraud, specifically essential in the pharmaceutical industry.

Insurance fraud also fails to have accurate patient recognition. By adding a blockchain network enhances data management; stores detailed information within an encryption, and instantly make records available.

It seems that Patientory Company has been close to these possibilities, and accordingly plans out to announce the technology in 2019. Moreover, the initial applications will influence a particular area of healthcare which finds identity a key as per clinical trials.

The company is on the verge to realize its long focused vision working on enhancing healthcare. They are continually looking to tap the latest technological developments by combining them within a novel way.

Meanwhile, the startup is completely HIPAA-compliant that can handle sensitive data. The platform desires to develop healthcare data solutions incorporating the greatest cybersecurity, storage, transfer and analysis related to healthcare information.

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The Pharmaceutical Industry And Blockchain Technology Will Go Hand In Hand 
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The Pharmaceutical Industry And Blockchain Technology Will Go Hand In Hand 
Patientory is in collaboration with IrisGuard to utilize blockchain data storage along with Iris Biometric Technology. Pharmaceutical Industry ..
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