Peter Brandt’s Stand on the US Financial System

Peter Brandt, the eminent trader, and Crypto analyst Shared a deep concern asking the youths “ Millennials, Z Gen “ where your outrage” for economic decisions of the US government. 

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This Tweet had some Validity!

Peter Brandt Pointed at the youth who are the major users of Cryptocurrency today, he meant to convey that Crypto alone cannot save the future debts. 

He notified saying that “ Many U.S. bailouts yet to come” , this was to establish the fact that the Pandemic economic damage control measures and financial systems are broken and may be harmful to the future. 

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The USA is fighting to Balance the economy

The Pandemic has a real hard effect on the US economy amid to which the Fed reserve has taken serious steps like distribution of Stimulus checks and Injecting funds into the economy by cutting interest rates to zero 

On account of the same factors, Peter sad having Bitcoin is Great anyway the citizens have to pay off the debts. 

Though there has been a uniform process being executed by the Fed to overcome these shortcomings, the future is still questionable because the Pandemic may become endemic. 

Peter Brandt, is also well known for standing against the fundamentals of Ripple (XRP) his previous statements clearly shows his efforts to Put down the XRP. He had also Said Ripple in 2020 will hit $0

Though he is a Big Fan of Bitcoin he keeps on adding Bullish analysis and comments about the BTC price. 

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