Over 500,000 People Suffered Liquidation in 24H, While KOLs Appealed to Hold Bitcoin For Long

On May 19, most cryptocurrencies plummeted by more than 50% within 24 hours due to the panic from investors. According to statistics, more than 500,000 people suffered liquidation.

After the Plunge:

1. Justin Sun said that he has bought $152 million in Bitcoin with an average price of $36,868 and $135 million in Ethereum with an average price of $2,509. And mentioned Elon Musk, cz_binance, and Michael Saylor on Twitter to lead cryptocurrency together.

2. Zhao Changpeng(Binance CEO) took the price of BNB last year on May 20 as an example, suggesting that everyone can make money by holding coins.

3. Elon Musk seems to state that Tesla firmly holds Bitcoin.

4. Cathie Wood, founder of ARK Fund still believes that Bitcoin will rise back to $500,000.

In the Face of Long-Term Bullish Kols, How Can You Quickly Earn More Bitcoins?

1. Understand Futures Trading

Futures trading is specially designed for traders to hedge loss and to profit from market volatility rather than be stuck simply stashing their coins. Traders can borrow leverage from exchanges to greatly enhance their buying power. Futures trading with leverage is extremely profitable during market sell-off, where large quantities of bitcoin are dumped into the market.  

For instance, if you use 1 BTC and 100x leverage to short bitcoin at $12,000, when bitcoin drops to $11,000, you will earn ($12,000 – $11,000) * 100 BTC/$11,000 = 9.09 BTC. 

However, make sure you use stop losses to protect your positions from great volatility. Take profit is also a useful tool when you can’t monitor your positions as often as you like. 

2. Sign Up 

Bexplus is a leading crypto trading platform operating across over 30 countries, which allows you to take advantage of both the ups and downs of the markets. Bexplus is famous for its beginner-friendly interface and help desk.

Bexplus requires no KYC so you only need to open an account with an Email address, in just 1 minute. Once registration is complete, a trading account and a demo account with 10 BTC are opened automatically.

3.Risk-Free Trading: A Demo Account

Successful traders are those who learn to analyze the market and could always keep a clear head. When trading, traders often find themselves being controlled by emotions either because the prospect of losing money is too scary, or because the possibilities of earning more by stacking more investment is too tempting. The best way to improve your skills and mindset is by practicing in the free demo account. 

Every user is given 10 BTC at the beginning and they are replenishable, so you can try out different strategies as much as you like. 

4. Make A Deposit And Claim Bonuses

No deposit fee is needed. You can start your deposit at 0.001 BTC. Bexplus supports Bitcoin, ETH, and 11 other cryptocurrency deposits, as well as USD, EUR, and GBP deposits. With one Visa Card, you can start your journey of accumulating bitcoin.

To enhance traders’ profitability, Bexplus offers a 100% deposit bonus to every trader. Deposit 1 BTC and you will get 2 BTC, and up to 10 BTC is available for each deposit. The bonus is not withdrawable but could be used as margin. 

5. Earn Passive Income With Bexplus

When you are not trading, you can transfer your BTC to the interest-bearing wallet and enjoy up to 21% annualized interest. 

The interest is calculated daily and the revenue of the deposit will be settled monthly. The monthly interest is calculated as (S*I/365*21)=MI. S represents the sum of the deposit, I stands for interest, and MI is the monthly interest.

If you deposit 10 BTC in your wallet, the monthly interest you would receive is (10*21%/365*30)=0.24 BTC. While most lending platforms require traders to deposit at least 1 BTC, traders can make a deposit starting from 0.05 BTC on Bexplus.

Bexplus platform has everything you need in becoming a successful trader, from educational materials to your own account manager. If you want to ride with the bull run, don’t hesitate to join Bexplus now. 

 Advantages of Bexplus

  • No KYC requirement, registration with Email verification
  • Demo account with 10 BTC for traders to get familiar with leverage trading
  • 100% bonus for every deposit and 10% off of transaction fee
  • Intuitive and full-featured App on Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Affiliate program with up to 50% commission reward
  • 24/7 customer support

Join Bexplus to get a double bonus and become a senior trader!

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