PayPal & Twitter Banned The Prospectus Poster Boy, Alex Jones For Bitcoin! Why?

Currently, Bitcoin has an image problem, and people like radio host Alex Jones may aggravate the situation. Alex Jones is a crypto enthusiast and loves Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but does not have a good reputation considering PayPal refused recently to process his transactions.


While speaking to Joe Rogan this week, Jones indicated that cryptocurrencies would define the future. He equally noted that the media is playing a vital role referring to it as an alien base and that the 5G transformation will be overwhelming.

Banks Reluctant To Warm Up To Bitcoin As Individuals Earn Big

Although investors in Wall Street and large financial institutions seem to be adamant about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin some characters like Alex Jones have already embraced the idea and are already poised to start making money in a centralised digital world that is dominated by large banks. Bitcoin has suffered in the last year having to deal with a bearish market considered to be crypto winter. It had been growing in the past under the public radar with criminals and geeks preferring to use it.

In 2017, Bitcoin was on a bullish run which saw the price of Bitcoin increase from nearly $1000 to almost $20,000 in one year. However in the last year Bitcoin lost over 80% and currently it is hovering at $3,500. Nonetheless independent investors, such as, Steve Wozniakare are enthusiastic about Bitcoin.

In a tweet Forbes Crypto says,

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak says he still believes in Bitcoin despite price crash.

Alex Jones Stripped Of Accounts

Last year tech giants such as Apple, Google and Facebook banned Jones from their platforms. Similarly, PayPal followed suits and refused to process Jones’ transactions on Infowars as well as his other affiliated websites. This has been the reason why Jones has been a supporter of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

In reference to PayPal refusing to process his transactions, Jones told Rogan that you should not ban someone from banking with you if their record is good. He said that he had a good record on accounts that he had held for over 20 years. Jones said that before PayPal banned his accounts, they added a hate symbol to his account which effectively labelled them as terrorists.

Alex Jones said that his organisation is instituting a lawsuit against a group in Boston. Jones says that he was a target because of what he said in his radio show and website. Considering the happenings jones has turned out to be a big supporter of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

Twitter Also Bans Alex Jones! Why?

More People Getting Bans

Jones is not alone as in recent week PayPal also banned the Proud Boys and Antifa Sacramento, Atlanta Antifa as well as Anti-Fascist Network. In the UK they stripped Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League his account withholding his money for over 180 days. Laura Loomer was also under fire and got out of PayPal for her anti-Muslim assertions.

With sites like PayPal banning people, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are likely to become the most appropriate choice for the outcasts. The industry will have to decide on whether people like Jones will be allowed to share the platform or they will be shunned.

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