Partnership of IOTA Foundation Collaborating with Refugee Nonprofit.

IOTA foundation

The IOTA foundation constantly proving in establishing the partnerships by announcing collaboration with nonprofit organization Refunite. The partnership rely on Refunite and IOTA signifies a step forward in using distributed ledger technology for good social.

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Standing United

The world’s largest missing persons database is consider to Refunite, operating all over 25 countries. It serves as a means to help refugees or disasters disrupt countries as to companion their loved ones.

David Mikkelsen and Christopher are the co-founders of Refunite, in 2009 initiate the organization after helping a young Afghan refugee to be with his family after escaping from the Taliban.

While experiencing this, the co-founders of Refunite recognize an immediate need for an interlinked data infrastructure.  With the persistence, that could function across borders and assist to collect and allocate missing persons data. Still, major international aid organizations have to be establish.

A distributed ledger known as missing element, to keep a track and verify information on immigrants. For those who are looking for reunify with their families, says David Sonstebo.

A Smarter Solution

Because of disasters or wars, many people are displace from their home countries. Sonstebo explained to CCN, “we generate these immigrant camps that last for eras and become cities, and I felt there’s no reason why we should take a smart step”. The technology of Distributed ledger signifies unexploited probable in identity confirmation and Internet of things applications. Therefore, two cornerstones of enhancing smart city movement.

“In all ways, our partnership with IOTA represents an opportunity to think through our separate but joint philosophies about helping people and the world through tech, and by empowering users, be they people or companies, through distributed ledgers and decentralized access to the knowledge economy, to build a more inclusive and exciting future. IOTA, being the first public distributed ledger that enables scaling and getting rid of fees, is a great match with REFUNITE. -Christopher Mikkelsen”

A Technological Fit

The IOTA distributed ledger network, the tangle is a natural to its advanced management of high transaction volume without the obligation of network fees. Present, Refunite helps more than 700,000 migrants across three countries with finding their families. Henceforth, needed a network that was up for the contest.

The use distributed ledger technology meant to help people worldwide, IOTA’s partnership with Refunite helps a growing charitable society. It is the first step in positioning DLT for a foremost social good project.

Sonstebo added:

“There’s definitely going to be a discovery phase, but we’re looking to jump right in and look at how we can help people around the world”.

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