A New Partnership To Launch A Crypto Investment Fund

TradeWinds Financial partners with Foster Estate Planning to announce a crypto investment fund in 2019.


2018 has almost passed out and several organizations are aligning with the new prospectus to accomplish a successful year. The recent company to join in is TradeWinds Financial. This firm partners with Foster Estate Planning to announce a crypto investment fund in 2019.


TradeWinds Company focuses on real estate assets. The platform acknowledges the potential of blockchain technology and is observing since 2018. Recent years are also aware of the Bitcoin price skyrocketing along with crypto awareness boosting up. Moreover, various companies are starting their investment in cryptos and blockchain projects to come amongst top 10s in crypto market.

The company states that digital assets might help TradeWinds develop more balancing investment fund. The new fund needs to be better than the existing one. All respective clients can use Bitcoin or Ether to buy one of the crypto plans that the company is offering. They desire to build a fund focusing on user-friendly features. So, users at every level can use this platform without any worries.

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New Crypto Investment Fund Will Deliver Five Plans

TradeWinds decides to offer 5 different plans to cater to several users and diversity. Moreover, 3 of these are premium plans, and the other is VIP plans. Each plan can range from one to six months. Also, the company claims that an investor can receive a return on investment around 40 – 80% at the moment.

Grigori Moyen, Investment Manager at TradeWinds Financials affirms the company feels happy with the partnership. He continues that they will help user utilizing their wealth in a proper manner. They can offer the amount to retail investors. This will benefit the company to provide a good service for a user who is looking to accumulate wealth.

Crypto funds are the big thing that the majority of them are using and really popular nowadays. These kind of investing funds are familiar as most of them are today aware of the great potential of cryptocurrencies.

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