PARSIQ Integrates Chainlink Oracles, Introduces “Case Streams” On Mainnet.


Monday, 9th of November, 2020, PARSIQ announces the official integration of Chainlink price Oracles into its mainnet. At the same time, beginning with the integration of Chainlink Oracles, the off-chain automated platform introduces a new type of Event Stream called Use Case Streams.

Each Use Case Stream will consist of more complex Events representing important and interesting Blockchain Activities.

According to the official announcement, the initial integration is with Chainlink Price Feeds. By introducing an Event Stream called ChainlinkPriceFeed, Smart-Triggers can connect to a Stream of the latest round price updates for all pairs.

Whenever the oracle network’s reference contract for any pair, like ‘ETH/USD’, gets a completed latest round, then a new Event is placed to the ChainlinkPriceFeed with this completed round’s data.

PARSIQ Brings Developers a Step Closer to Complete Automation

PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform that serves as a multi-level bridge between blockchains and off-chain applications.

The PARSIQ platform is an off-chain automation solution. Users and enterprises can monitor blockchain data to automate workflows on their personal off-chain applications.

Such applications include receiving alerts in Telegram when certain blockchain activity occurs. Also, logging notable events in personal record-keeping services.

This latest development will allow developers to build new automated event workflows based on Chainlink’s secure and reliable price data.

Further, these new Events, called Use Case Streams, enable developers to use asset prices to implement more complex logic and automation. Such automation includes triggers to notify traders when asset pairs reach optimal prices, adding price data to accounting workflows, or conducting other price-based calculations. 

PARSIQ Acquires Binance’s $100 Million Accelerator Funds

Recently, PARSIQ was announced to get Binance funding in addition to other four projects. Even though PARSIQ is not a DeFi project itself, it brings another layer of security and transparency addressing the main problems in DeFi.

PARSIQ’s technology was recently used to help KuCoin hack victim projects restore the balances and conduct hard-forking of their tokens in order to restore the tokens to their rightful holders.

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