A Pac-Man old-school arcade initiates using Bitcoin

An old-school arcade in the capital of New Zealand which is Blenheim completed with Pac-Man. Along with teddy bear claw machines and pinball initiating using Bitcoin.

In Blenheim, the Arcadia is speculating and justifies by a twin row of arcade machines peeping and flashing vividly. Recently, it has commenced one crucial detail that you can pay and play with Bitcoin.

David Scoon, Arcadia owner said it was as “easy as eftpos”. He had thought that Arcadia is the first company in Blenheim to use Bitcoin.

He explained,

“The only problem is, no-one has actually using it. But lots of people were asking about it. “a wee bit like shares”, with the value of a bitcoin fluctuating daily”.

Significantly, in the world of cashless payments, administered smartphones and card wherein coins and notes are an untimeliness. The New Zealand’s Arcadia gamers can now pay with Bitcoin using a mobile OR cod. The gamers have to enter into till which code will be scanned later hit ‘pay’ and they are in.

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Adam Scoon, the owner’s son, is the one who this approach,

“Bitcoin is getting more and more attention and more people are learning about it and getting into it which pushes its value up, even more, we think that eventually, everyone will be using it to pay for everything”.

Later on, players will get the tokens that allow racing the games, pinball, and shoot-em-ups via their paces. As tokens cases go off, one certain utility is compelling.

Moreover, the Arcadia is constituting as the proof for the bitcoin adoption is upsurging. Instead, it is just inferring an innovative way in which bitcoin trading can take place Resourcefully, it is necessary to capture the youths to take around bitcoin globally. Since, anything to get young people into bitcoin, Pac-Man as always welcomed.

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