Orbs Powers on with Groundbreaking New Partnerships


What does it take for a blockchain protocol to stand out in a time of disruptive new technologies being released almost daily? It takes collaborations, a teaming up of powerhouse players with another to bring wider usability, liquidity and interoperability. And this is exactly where the Orbs blockchain stands out from the crowd. 

Orbs ecosystem is a public blockchain infrastructure that has been designed for businesses looking to use the blockchain in a scalable and trustless manner. Orbs have created many partnerships, which see it listed on the major exchanges, integrating with other chains like Binance Smart Chain, and next to a major collaboration with Polygon that will surely shake up the news and the crypto sphere.

What Has Been Orbs Been Working on?

Orbs have been listing its token ORBS on many major exchanges like KuCoin, FTX, Blockfolio, and many more. 

It has integrated with many of the leading cloud service providers including AWS, MS Azure and Google Cloud) to make development on Orbs even more simple and user-friendly for developers.

Orbs have stuck its flag in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the launch of the Orbs Syrup pool on PancakeSwap. This integration marks a major milestone as the ORBS-BUSD pairing on PancakeSwap is the largest Orbs pool across any DEX on both Ethereum and BSC. Also on BSC, ORBS token now runs via AnySwap Cross-Chain Bridge.

Having witnessed the rapid growth of Polygon, with more Defi apps and projects building there than anywhere else, over $78b in total value locked and the number of transactions climbing fast, Orbs sees this as its next major collaboration.

Polygon and Orbs share a lot of objectives in common, with both striving to speed up the general adoption of applications based on the blockchain, while minimizing the drawbacks of Ethereum, such as sluggish transaction speeds, expensive fees, and energy consumption. This appears to be Orbs next big challenge. Watch this space for more details.

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