Oracle Blockchain Platform Will Be Next To IBM Transforming The Industry 

Oracle, the popular computer tech giant announces a release to expand their facets on Oracle Blockchain Platform, its enterprise-grade.

Oracle Blockchain Platform presents new capabilities which intend to ease and simplify the integration process in terms of ongoing business and IT systems. Moreover, the company is looking forward to speeding up their development and deployment procedure with new blockchain applications.

Meanwhile, the brand latest functionalities Oracle is offering their customers make them popular amongst the market. They provide a number of identity management facets, developer tools, and data integration features. One such feature is to let the integration of blockchain transaction history be possible with other data resources.

To be more specific, the new set of features are a rich history database, enhanced world state database, identity federation along with the support for Hyperledger Fabric basic for version 1.3.

According to the press release, the company additionally highlights the key global customers holding incorporating blockchain apps using its platform. On the other hand, some partners of the company include

  • China Distance Education Holdings Limited
  • Circulor, Supply chain-oriented firm
  • SERES, e-document settlement company

The document also remarks about other clients- the number of global financial institutions including ICS Financial Systems, Arab Jordan Investment Bank, and SDK.Finance. According to Forbes, Oracle operating in the United States takes the second-largest position in terms of public software and programming firm after Microsoft.

Oracle is not the only firm plotting on the blockchain. The leading tech giant IBM recently unveils about its blockchain mainnet to start over in Melbourne, Australia. Basically, this step will let Australian clients run their blockchain apps on cloud service.

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