NFT Collaboration With Opera Singers On SAKURA NFT Platform

Written by: Delma Wilson

November 23, 2021

SAKURA NFT Platform revealed that they are collaborating with opera singers, Ayaka Fujita and Riku Matsubuara.

About SAKURA NFT Platform:

This NFT platform provides not only the NFT market but also some other functions related to NFTs. You can manage your wallet for your tokens on that page, and you can make your wish list as well. Those NFT products’ reliability is secured by the labels of product status and other details required on this platform. As it is a symbol of Japan and it’s very easy to find that this project is related to that country, this logo image shows SAKURA(cherry blossom). 

NFT collaboration with worldwide celebrities:

SAKURA NFT Platform is aiming to be entertaining and also dreamy for those who trust the infinite possibilities of NFT, around the world. They will invite young and energetic creators and also worldwide celebrities into this platform. 

NFT Products for sale:

Unlike other platform, SAKURA NFT PLATFORM will be releasing their bromide photo together with their songs. They will be releasing 2 songs each. 

  • Riku Matsubara: O sole mio and Catari catari
  • Ayaka Fujita: Mon coeur s’ouvre a ta voix and Non ti scordar di me

Below is general profile of the opera singers. 


TitleRiku Matsubara’s bromide and music
Opera Singer’s NameRiku Matsubara/ 松原 陸
CategoryArt and Music
Product formDigital Good
SummaryJapanese Opera singer. The victory of music competition commemoration, MatsubaraRiku Birth Anniversary. Royal Academy of Music Master’s degree. In December 2017, he performed both the British and Japanese national anthem ( The God Save The Queen, and KIMIGAYO) at the Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom during the Japanese Emperor’s Birthday Celebration.
As a tenor soloist, he has appeared in numerous works throughout Japan and has performed with numerous professional orchestras: Italy, Milan, Genoa, Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Bien Hoa), Portugal (Sardoal).

About Riku Matsubara:


TitleAyaka Fujita’s bromide and music
Opera Singer’s NameAyaka Fujita/ 藤田 彩歌
CategoryArt and Music
Product formDigital Good
SummaryJapanese Opera singer. Graduated with top honors in Conservatorio di Milano “Giuseppe Verdi” in Italy. She was invited by a music management organization “Borgo Musica” and conducted a solo recital in Rome. She has appeared at the Municipal House “Smetana Hall” in Prague, playing the roles of Dorabella and Elvira in the Mozart Gala Concert.

About Ayaka Fujita:

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