Opera to Launch Its Desktop Browser with Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet

Opera will soon launch its desktop browser with built-in cryptocurrency wallet features.

Opera will soon launch the cryptocurrency wallet access with its desktop browser. hence, the browser will provide users access to the built-in cryptocurrency wallet for Android in Opera. According to a press release, a platform is opening the cryptocurrency wallet to the huge audience for testing

In July, the web browser also announced a mobile cryptocurrency wallet with the beta version for Android users. The firm quotes a positive response and receives strong interest from the cryptocurrency community for various reasons behind their recent move.

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The Product Lead of Opera Crypto, Charles Hamel says:

By adding a crypto wallet directly into the browser, we removed the need for complex extensions or separate apps. Opening up the PC browser to crypto marks Opera’s second step towards making cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0 mainstream.

Opera Desktop Browser Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet

The new cryptocurrency wallet in Opera eliminates two main hurdles currently related to managing the cryptocurrencies.

Using the new desktop browser, users can connect their Opera browser to their existing mobile cryptocurrency wallet app. They just need to scan a QR code. The firm has been using this system for a decade now to synchronize the desktop-mobile apps. The familiar example is Whatsapp client.

Such system implementation for desktop-mobile connection helps cryptocurrency wallet to use the phone’s safe system lock. Instead of entering the password into the web browser, users can easily sign all their transactions with their fingerprints. This will not only raise the efficiency but also makes it much secure.

The existing cryptocurrency wallet of Opera is “user-controlled”. This specifies that the keys are saved on the phone despite a centralized server. Additionally, like the mobile cryptocurrency app, the desktop browser will support tokens and digital collectibles as well.

Charles Hamel also adds:

Some users prefer to perform crypto payments or interact with Dapps on their desktop. They can now do so in a simple way by using the same wallet they have on their mobile phone.

This year in January, the mobile and web browsers of Opera have also incorporated an anti-crypto jacking software.

In June, there were some rumors about Robinhood, the popular cryptocurrency trading, and brokerage app to offer cryptocurrency wallet features. Well, we can just wait for the time of new release by this platform.

The new integration of desktop and mobile cryptocurrency wallet solution will be soon added to the Opera browser. This will eventually allow more than 322 million users to use the wallet in their daily routine across their devices.

Will the Opera’s new wallet see the same success as other cryptocurrency wallets? Feel free to share your thoughts on Twitter and Telegram.

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