OpenSC Blockchain Platform Now Enables Food Tracking System

The technology is trending with this space where now consumers are able to track the process of their foods and service ensuring they are legal, ethical and sustainable.

OpenSC is a global crypto platform operating in Australia. This platform lets clients scan QR codes right from their smartphone camera. They can check the product origin, timing and process following its journey together with the supply chain.

The World Wildlife Fund aka WWF is the owner of this firm and BCG Digital Ventures is the investment company behind this project. This platform uses blockchain technology to record details regarding the products’ movement of its storage.

All the accurate information is available on supply chains, which users can seek sustainable, ethical and clear products right from firms. The Managing Director at BCG Digital Ventures, Paul Hunyor states:

What the OpenSC platform does is it democratizes that information. What is the journey that the food that they’re consuming has been on? Where was it caught? How can they verify the location?

Moreover, blockchain technology utilizes a database of records distributed over a network. This network continuously checks record information making sure that any modification can be visible over the entire network.

OpenSC has emerged from a WWF following project using blockchain tech which helps in tracing tuna gathered from the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, BCG Digital Ventures has been focused to establish this platform.

However, now this platform is tracking the fish. Also, the developers are hoping to add on more seafood in 2019. OpenSC also has been in commercial discussions regarding their potential partners over commodities including palm oil and timber.

The platform came into existence back in Jan 17 by Matt Moran, a popular Australian chef in Sydney. Moreover, guests can count the complete journey regarding their products. The WWF states:

This will enable business leaders to sit down for a meal at Davos and have full transparency of where their food has come from.

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