OpenBazaar Announces All-In-One Marketplace Social App, Haven

OpenBazaar introduces a new social platform- Haven, which will be a combination of crypto wallet, social network, and peer-to-peer marketplace, mainly focusing on privacy.

The company operating behind OpenBazaar- OB1 which is a decentralized crypto P2P platform recently launches Haven, its new social app. The fans of Facebook and who loves to feed on social media will surely love Haven.

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The source says that its news feed is really similar to Facebook. Moreover, it has the functionality to respond, such as a comment on posts. Though, users applying for this platform need not worry about the security regarding their personal information and privacy concern.

The team behind the platform has taken care of this factor. The company mainly focuses on privacy in terms of this form and is one of an essential feature of Haven boasts.

Apart from this, a Haven developer also mentions that clients can utilize this platform app for shopping, chatting and sending cryptos privately right from their mobile device. According to the founder at OpenBazaar, Brian Hoffman says:

Haven is OB1’s most advanced project representing our mission to bring a convenient but private social marketplace experience to users.

Clients will now be able to set up their e-commerce stores flexibly and easily on Haven via smartphones. At the same time, they can use the wallet support for multiple digital coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Zcoin. Lastly, Hoffman states:

We believe users should be in control of their own data and are inspired by how cryptocurrencies allow them to trade with one another around the world. Users can connect this way now without needing access to traditional payment processors or using giant e-commerce platforms that collect all their personal data.

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