Ontology, Vechain, OmiseGO, Ravencoin & Verge Price Analysis

During the last week, Bitcoin led the rally with a rise in the market value. However, the coin is fluctuating between the red and green lines indicating a solid traction on the rising wedge.

Similarly, five other coins- Ontology, Vechain, OmiseGO, Ravencoin and Verge seems to be unsung, threading a path that signals breakthrough as they mount over the market greeny area. Although the market is currently in the hitching situation.

Ontology Price Analysis

Ontology (ONT) appears to be the highest gainer amongst the top 20 coins with about 24.95% added value in the last 24 hours. After maintaining a leveled price around $1.2 since the start of the day, Ontology price finally saw a rise to be valued around $1.3.

Ontology, currently ranks at the 17th position by the market cap value, and its market capitalization is valued a little above $686 million. Ontology is in partnership with MovieBloc, a project driven by the South Korea-based Pandora TV. Basically, this  uses Ontology’s Blockchain Infrastructure. Chris Kan, the Chief Executive Officer of MovieBloc had this to say about the development,

Streaming technology and platform operation experiences from, the huge active user base of KMPlayer, and Prism’s experience in the AD market are the key strengths of MovieBloc to achieve its vision. With a close partnership with the Ontology Foundation, MovieBloc will bring change to the video industry.

Vechain Price Analysis

Vechain price surges higher with its latest partnerships with Haier and Vechain Thor. At the time of writing Vechain price was $0.0059 having a rise of 9.44%.  The coin had a market cap value of $328,409,574 also a circulating supply of 55,454,734,800 VET.

VeChain partnerships aims to the growth and development of the network. As Haier will allow VeChain to integrate the VeChain Thor blockchain to Haier’s Cosmoplat solution. Although this integration may not affect the VeChain Thor (VET) price short-term, but it certainly will boost its adoption. Also many people will learn about VeChain from Cosmoplat.

OmiseGO Price Analysis

Since December, the sharp correction brought panic in the market until the OMG coin reached $1 trading volume and its attempt to break up to $1.8 failed. Today, the coin saw a gradual increase upto 9.69%. At the time of writing, OmiseGO trading at $1.62 with a market cap value of $227,653,033. Also it had a circulating supply of 140,245,398 OMG.

Ravencoin Price Analysis

No doubt, March has been an incredibly positive month for Ravencoin (RVN) so far. Also, this isn’t the first time this week that it has seen a significant price increase. The cryptocurrency has tripled in price since the start of the month, and it is now at a level it hasn’t seen since November 2018.

In the 24 hour period the cryptocurrency, Ravencoin has seen some impressive gains. The 47th-largest crypto is currently up by 18.06%. At the time writing it was trading at a price of $0.043 with a market cap value of $137,475,409. It also had a circulating supply of 3,148,580,000 RVN.

Verge Price Analysis

Verge has seen quite good increase in the price with a rise of 8.99% in the past 24-hour period. At the time of writing the price was trading at $0.0076 with a market cap value of $120,027,749 and a circulating supply of 15,793,248,356 XVG.

Verge (XVG) announces its new partnership deal with bounty. Aside the huge adoption handed in for Verge, the cryptographic project is liable to additional security and privacy layer. Verge (XVG) gets more usage and acceptability on the VPN service. TrustZone noted that the users of anonymous VPN service who actually pay with XVG are eligible for 10% discount from now till the end of 2019.

The co-founder of Trust.Zone, Alex Edwin, said the collaboration will go a long way offering internet users the privacy they want. Elaborating further Edwin said,

Anonymous VPN service + Anonymous Cryptocurrency may change the way you surf the Internet. We make the Internet, the way it was meant to be – secure, safe and anonymous. We want to provide all internet users who care about their online privacy and use of personal information with the highest level of online security and protection.

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