OMG Leads Market Gainers With 76%. AMPL, FXC Follow Suit

Written by: Dare Shonubi

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Aug 21, 2020

Article Highlights
  • OMG leads crypto markets top gainers with roughly 70% 24 hours gain

  • AMPL appears on the gainer's list for the first time after a week-long break

  • FXC aims for the $0.01 mark as prices stroll up the charts.

OMG is featured again today as the cryptocurrency secures a memorable profit compared to its nearest competitions. Also, AMPL, FXC ran for the runner-up position alongside other struggling crypto markets gainers as of 21st August 2020.

In today’s list of top gainers, the usual players are seen making decent gains into higher highs. Meanwhile, relatively less popular tokens are also struggling to draw some attention.

#1. OMG Network (OMG 76.12% Up):

Following its popular rebranding from OmiseGo, OMG is seizing a top place in the free markets. The coin has gained around 76.12% since the last day.

OMG Leads Market Gainers

More than 94% of market respondents are optimistic about OMG and it seems the important coin is inclined to submitting gains to accumulate more yearly gains

Within the last one year, OMG earned 417% and has listed gains in all other time frames since last year. It lists 283% gains since last month and 244% since last week. Roughly 1.4% loss has also been listed in the last hour.

The new price of OMG is $6.32 with an average market cap of $892 million. Also, more than $3 billion of volumes was recorded in the past 24 hours.

Technical Points

  • Prices set support at the $6.0 level
  • The next level of major resistance lies at $6.5
  • Resistance Strength Index (RSI) is flat at 10.0 oversold condition.

#2. Ampleforth (AMPL 29.33% Gain):

AMPL receives the second spot amidst this category of leading gainers with a 29.33% profit.

ampleforth chart

AMPL lists this earnings as a result of its recent bull run, which in turn, is initiating a buying pressure within the last 24 hours

AMPL is instantly trading at $0.78 around a market capitalization of $177 million. The coin’s exchange volume since yesterday is approximately $37 million.

Technical Points

AMPL broke the resistance level at $0.70 to top the level. Ultimately, the coin surged all the way to $1.0 with a 35% profit but underwent slight retracement.

Past this level, the additional level of key resistance fibs at $1.0. This is where prices have assessed and collapsed in the past.

  • Next major resistance $1.0
  • Next major support at $0.6
  • RSI approaching overbought condition at 70.0

#3. Flexacoin (FXC 28.44% Gain):

FXC secures the third spot on this record with a 24-hour percentage gain around 28%. Several traders understand that this will continue a price rally for FXC as roughly 100% of respondents are bullish on Flexacoin.

flexacoin chart

The coin is up by around 162% since last year and by 83.9% within the last two weeks. Still, the coin scores 171.2% gain within the last month but lost 0.1% within the last hour.

FXC is now changing hands at $0.0091 amid 24-hour trading volume that averages $2 million. The coin’s market capitalization is hovering around $150 million.

Technical Indicator

  • FXC penetrates the resistance at $0.01
  • The next level of major support lies at $0.008
  • RSI is approaching the overbought condition and may cause a plunge soon.

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Dare Shonubi

Certified cryptocurrency expert and Blockchain journalist covering crypto market analysis and general Blockchain adoption and development.

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