Ojamu Combines NFTs and AI To Predict Marketing Strategies for Leading Brands


There is a growing interest in combining innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. Ojamu is a company that leverages both tools to help predict effective digital marketing strategies for cutting-edge brands. As a result, the evolution of marketing technology, or MarTech, keeps heading in exciting directions.


Ojamu Combines Innovative Concepts

As a Singaporean MarTech company determined to transform digital marketing with innovative technology, Ojamu sets a high standard for itself. Using artificial intelligence-driven insights combined with blockchain technology for automated solutions creates many business opportunities to explore. Combining these technologies has given rise to the company’s Neural Predictive Engine and platform, which are the core IP of its B2B-oriented solutions.

The Neural Predictive Engine is used to analyze data and apply the proprietary prediction algorithms. Through these algorithms, brands can acquire an optimal digital market strategy that has a very high chance of success when implemented correctly. To help clients on the r wai, Ojamu generates a roadmap of milestones teams need to complete along the way. A very straightforward solution that any brand, big or small, can implement. 

While it is not the first project to combine artificial intelligence with blockchain, Ojamu sets itself apart in other ways. By building a cross-chain solution, the project can acquire real-time data from multiple blockchains and smart contracts. Predicting effective digital marketing solutions requires as much data and information as possible. Feeding the AI tools with this data will help provide a better service and yield satisfied customers.

Moreover, the team takes this approach further by adding support for Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs. Ojamu sees merit in combining NFTs with AI and machine learning. More specifically, these non-fungible token solutions are used by brand partners to access AI and intelligent toolsets. An intriguing way of creating incentives and values within the broader ecosystem. 

A Solid Team And Private Round Investors

Pulling off a venture on this scale is not possible without the right expertise. However, Ojamu has a group of team members with plenty of knowledge, as team members have worked for Codemasters, PlayStation, Nemesis, Blockalize, Agryo, and other companies. These experiences will prove helpful when building successful marketing tools for companies trying to maximize their presence in this digital world.

Closing Thoughts

It is interesting to see a marketing platform embrace blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Moreover, the introduction of NFTs into the mix puts a unique spin on this concept. It is the first time such a combination is explored in this industry. Leveraging NFT technology to access AI and machine learning-based toolsets creates a new economic paradigm in the digital marketing segment. 

Moreover, it shows there is an opportunity to bring MarTech to the blockchain in a way that can help big and small brands achieve their marketing goals and objectives. A B2B-oriented solution like this one can cater to the needs of digital marketers and the broader blockchain industry, among others.  

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