Ohio student earns from teaching people how to invest in cryptocurrencies

Eddy Zillan, 18 and year-old high school senior in Cleveland, is founder of Canadian-based Cryptocurrency Financial.  Thus, that teaches people how to invest in cryptocurrencies and has earned more than $500,000 from that.

He told CBC in November that he got $12,000 from his mitzvah bar and from his earnings as a tennis instructor and invested that money in the company.

He invested in Ether, a lesser-known virtual currency considered second to Bitcoin in market cap. But with more potential due to having more dapps than Bitcoin. He decided to bet on the currency after talking to many people he know, about it.

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He says,

“I thought that maybe there was something like bitcoin but different, which there was. It’s ether.I aware that it could have a lot of potential”.

Ethereum is a platform for many developers creating blockchain applications. These dapps extend platform application in a number of ways. For instance, State of Dapps website lists a curated list of 870 decentralized apps, although they could be much more.

Ether price has increased by 5,000 per cent in the last year. The cryptocurrency, though volatile, has sometimes gone as high as more than $500. His profits are relying on the current price of slightly less than $500 also he said he did not want to reveal the exact amount of money he has made so far.

Ether was itself invent by a Russian Canadian Vitalik Buterin who was a student in Toronto and University of Waterloo, Canada.

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