The Official meet of Bitcoin scaling agreement: 2MB hard fork + Segwit.

Bitcoin scaling agreement

The most debatable projecting investment firm in blockchain and bitcoin industries- Barry Silbert-led Digital Currency Group(DCG) exposed that businesses and miners have come to compromise to resolve bitcoin’s underlying scaling issues.

February 21, the Hong Kong Bitcoin Roundtable event, agreed for the execution of hard fork to extend the 2MB size of bitcoin block. The bitcoin industry and mining community which addresses the daily transactions and growing network base. The well-implemented execution of a 2MB hard fork is a very important compromise which requires and recognized in this agreement.

“This hard-fork is expected to include features which are currently being discussed within technical communities. It includes an increase in the non-witness data to be around 2 MB, with the total size no more than 4 MB. And it will only be adopted with broad support across the entire Bitcoin community. We will run a SegWit release in production by the time such a hard-fork is released in a version of Bitcoin Core,”.  Read the agreement.

Nevertheless, the team of Bitcoin Core development owed its resource and exclusively in the activation of Segwit. The Development, as there was the struggle between development and mining communities. The Chinese companies include ViaBTC and Bitmain operates the mining pools, says that the industry abandoned as well as the Bitcoin core development Hong Kong agreement deprived of directing a conversation with the mining community.

Compromise Reached:

DCG proclaimed that a compromise between the industry and mining community has done. The business has already agreed on the execution of 2MB hard fork in return of initiation of Segwit. This would additionally encompass the bitcoin blockchains capacity.

“We are also committed to the research and development of technical mechanisms. This is to improve signaling in the bitcoin community. Along with, to put in place communication tools, in order to more closely coordinate with ecosystem participants. Participation in the design, integration, and deployment of safe solutions that increase bitcoin capacity,” read the agreement.

The expectation result of current bitcoin blocks by Segwit was 75%. But based on exponential growth of bitcoin’s in daily transactions and user base aspects. In the period of a year, Solution scaling segwit’s will not seem to be sufficient to acknowledge evolving scaling of bitcoin’s issues.

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