Buyers of Obelisk miners angered by Bitmain decision to release Siacoin miner

Bitmain’s plan to sell a new ASIC miner for Siacoin did not go well with many people who had already ordered Obelisk mining units Obelisk SC1. The new AntMiner A3 is an 815 GH/s miner that would support same hashing algorithm in Siacoin blockchain (blake2b).

The ship date is June 2018, but the company has also announced that they will be introducing decentralized mining pools into Sia ecosystem before shipping the new miners. Nebulous’ hardware manufacturing subsidiary, Obelisk, was the first company to announce the production of Sia ASIC miners Obelisk SC1.

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Some people are complaining that the new miner costs more money at $2499. However, it is far less energy efficient and is worse than the SC1. The company has already said that future batches will probably be less costly. Obelisk SC1 batch one sale ended in November last year with 3,598 SC1 units sold. The company later announced a batch two shipping date of 2018-08-31.

Others are concerned that Bitmain has previously oversold hardware to make profits at the expense of customers. Thus they could oversell miner for Sia and make many people cause losses in the activity. They also take 50 percent of margins on their hardware and make more money from the total block reward at the expense of customers. This could also reflect in Sia according to claims by a Sia developer.

“We, the dev team, are not happy that Bitmain has made an ASIC for Sia. We are not happy that many Sia supporters are at risk of losing money by buying these miners (from over-saturation). And we are not happy that Bitmain may choose to interfere with our network.

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Some are worried that their behaviors such as empty mining blocks, refusing to activate soft-forks that help the network, and hostility to developers (and blocking of Segwit feature) may spread to the Sia community following their entry.

Siacoin is a distributed cloud storage platform on which users can rent their storage spaces.

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