Binance Labs with Other Three Joins Oasis Labs to Launch OASIS Startup Hub

Oasis Labs announces partnership with multiple partners to launch a first-of-its-kind program, “Oasis Startup Hub” to accelerate privacy-first computing on Blockchain.

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    At the San Francisco Blockchain Week on October 8, Oasis Labs announces its partnership with,

    • a 6zCrypto
    • Binance Labs
    • Pantera Capital
    • Polychain capital- an investment fund firms

    As per the Press Release, Oasis Labs with these partnerships will create Oasis Startup Hub. It says,

    1. The project will provide innovative developers with guidance from leading investors
    2. Hands-on technical support
    3. Early access to breakthrough technology
    4. Enable new applications which feature the security, privacy, and scalability
    5. Benefits of Oasis Labs’s decentralized protocol

    Several companies have already started joining the Oasis Startup Hub to develop applications require strong privacy protections. There is an option for eligible Dapps developers to apply by submitting proposals via

    The CEO of Oasis Labs, Dawn Song that the startup hub aims to, “bring experts together for invaluable interactions around how to design, build and deliver exciting new applications.” A partner at Pantera Capital, Paul Veradittakit impressed by Oasis Labs told,

    Oasis has impressed us with technical acumen and business leadership, and working closely with their team on this project reflects the depth of our commitment

    Further confirmed saying Oasis provides a unique opportunity to solve key issues around blockchain scalability and privacy and help wider adoption. California-based Oasis Labs was founded recently in July 2018 by raising a total of $45 million in a private presale token.

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