Bjørn Kjos Norwegian Air CEO Launched Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bjørn Kjos’s crypto firm will launch a marketplace for cryptocurrencies by end of this year. The company is willing to work with solutions for paying airline tickets with cryptocurrency.

Bjørn Kjos, a billionaire Norwegian Air CEO launched the Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) in April. The company owned by Observatoriet Invest Company has raised $250,000. However, Stig Kjos-Mathisen, Kjos’s son-in-law the chairman of NBX says that, ‘Norwegian will be the main owner of the exchange in time’. NBX will be rolling out a crypto exchange by 2018 along with it is adopting crypto airline business.

The Chairman of NBX, Alexander Kjos-Mathisen says,

“We’re look at things that are easy to scale. Among other things, having a crypto currency as payment option in the airline. We see that there is a need for a serious marketplace where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies”.

NBX is mainly focused on goal of challenges exchanged like Kraken and GDAX.

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Norwegian Air Shuttle is one of the largest airlines in Scandinavia, the 3rd largest low cost airline in Europe and ninth-largest low cost carrier in the world. The airline operates in North Africa, Europe and the Middle East and runs 500 routes to 150 destinations across 35 countries having to transport 30 million people 2016.

Kjos-Mathisen said,

“One of the most important things for us is to build an ecosystem around the solutions we develop. In particular, the ecosystem within the Norwegian group is important, but also ecosystems in the airline industry”.

Moreover, the relationship between a major airline and crypto exchange seems to be very interesting. Stig-Mathisen stating smooth processes of KYC for existing customer with registered passports. By undertaking the consequence with new crypto exchange, the Norwegian are stepping towards big moves in crypto air travel business.  

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