Hackers from North Korea are targeting Bitcoin Exchange

Though North Korea seems to be highlighted in news for many attacks and hacks, it looks now they are targeting Bitcoin exchange as a whole.

North Korea Hackers are emerging

A report from cyber security firm Fire Eye revealed and in earlier 6 months, they claimed to tracked approx. 5 attacks on Bitcoin exchanges or on individual Bitcoin wallets. However, few names are open to an eye which specifically include Yapizon (south Korea based crypto exchange).

Turning the history, Bithumb the Korea’s top crypto exchange was hacked in the month of June.  (also counting among world’s 4th largest exchange). It is essential to discuss that due to breach earlier this month, country’s top Etherum exchange has lost over $1million but it is uncertain as to the involvement of North Korea was existed or not.

Continous rise of Bitcoin since the initial month of April has led other cryptocurrencies to increase their growth percentage respectively. It has greatly influenced hackers specifically from North Korea towards Bitcoin exchanges and other places where coins were stored.

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