Niall Ferguson told BoE: Bitcoin is the financial system of future

Niall Ferguson, author of Book The Ascent of Money has voiced against fraud and scam activities aligned with Initial Coin Offerings. During a seminar Mr.Ferguson discussed on the topic of Bitcoin and  cryptocurrencies organized by Bank of England. Crypto experts have addressed Central bankers that the crypto revolution have overtaken the system which is in charge of preserving economic conditions of State.

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Conference organized by Bank of England

An advisor to US. President John McCain’s, Niall Ferguson was present in a Conference and gave lecture to the Bank of England. It talks about 2008 financial crisis and concluded that the Bitcoin is part of major rebukes for the current fiat-based system. Further, Ferguson says that Bitcoin is the financial system of future.

Ferguson’s statement were elaborated a conference held by Bank of England. Basically he shared his interest for Bitcoin and raised the voice against unregulated fundraising method of ICO’s

Further he wishes to have Bitcoin in every phony white paper manufactured since past six months. The people are trying to fund money before the SEC clamps down. When there is no regulation for things the swindles as they are quickly seen on the scenes.  As ICO have escalating and have been coming in the news the astronomic rise in the price of cryptocurrencies is seen towards the end of 2017.

Cryptocurrency exploring in our system

Niall Ferguson asserts that the financial system prevailing in  our society is not fundamental, and it differs than the financial system which is the pre-crisis period. The economic conditions are detouring in the society except for big banks which are capitalized. The things which matter after ten years and still in a smaller scale. The Bitcoin or cryptocurrency massive revolution in the matters online transaction is gained by big Chinese tech companies. This online payment going to be the future of transactions

Niall Ferguson is a senior research fellow at Jesus College, Oxford. He is enthusiast cryptocurrency investor and has shared his review on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. In the Seminar organized by Bank of England he was seen sharing positive aspects of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, but it is observed that he was contrast towards ICO and Crowdfunding.

Don’t you think that Bitcoin is the financial system of future as noted by  Niall Ferguson. Share your reviews through Twitter and Telegram.

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