NewYork Organizes Blockchain Week to Outset Blockchain Firms in the City

The world’s famous cryptocurrency is lowering its price more than 50 percent from its high record. This hasn’t discouraged people from investing in cryptocurrencies. Many lawyers and financial experts are moving down in a conference was at New York as Blockchain Week.

Conference on Blockchain

Blockchain Week project is titled after decentralized computer ledger technology is pitching with a solution for financial crisis suffered all over the world. This serves to provide blockchain related jobs to the world’s financial capital. Around 6,500 people are aspiring to participate in the event held in Manhattan hotel of Newyork. The conference is scheduled between May 10 and May 19.

Joseph Lubin, founder of Brooklyn based blockchain startup says that conference must not be confusing with ConsenSys. Lubin is going to sponsor his own event. CoinDesk, a media, and research firm are hosting Consensus that factors several of orators. The speeches are Twitter Inc Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard and FedEx Corp CEO Frederick Smith.

The blockchain conference begins from May 14 and viewers can catch young tech whizzes and old-world financiers debating on the future of digital payments. However, they can notice people with startup plans and their inspirational talks in the event.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in future

Thomas Lee, Head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors foresees that this Blockchain event cans Bitcoin to agitate. The consensus is converging to draw more than two times which people have done in the previous year. The top crypto tokens are four times worth and it still in blanches in comparison to the $20,000 price tag.

Mike Novogratz, Executive of Deutsche Bank AG and Goldman Sachs Group are discussing the future of crypto trading. The Wall Street employee deplored the tedium of investment banking and came to a conclusion to sell the event in search of a job in crypto. May 10 Fluidity Summit is the first event taking place in Blockchain Week. Therefore, it is providing a lot of information about Blockchain and cryptocurrency in the conference.

The regulations have an underlying idea and financial watchdogs that tightened the securities for cryptocurrencies. The delegates of U.S Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission will deliver a lecture on the Blockchain event.

Expensive conference held in NewYork

Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum tweets that he is boycotting the conference for several reasons that include hefty price tags of digital currency. Buterin says, Conference costs $2-3k to attend and he personally trashes to contribute to the level of seeking rent.

Many blockchain enthusiasts hesitate to attend the conference due to the expenditure. Some find it is difficult to afford the expense caused in the event. Well, this event is going to change the prospectus towards cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

The Blockchain week is released under the partnership with New York City Economic Development Corporation. Basically, New York attempting to enhance and encourage blockchain firms in the city. The job fair of Blockchain is going to held on May 16.

Isn’t it the conference going to be interesting for Blockchain aficionado share your thoughts through Twitter and Telegram?

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