Q-Pocket Upgrades With Its Updated Version With New Functionalities


Presently, users with a large pool of assets are more concerned with the security of accounts. Their search ends with the hardware wallets wherein assets are put down in a secure hardware device without any exposure to the internet. 


Users are also liable towards their mobile phones for numerous activities. And when any Wallet provides them security within mobile accessibility, it’s cherry on the cake moment.

QPocket, what is it all About??

QPocket is a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized app (DApp) browser, that supports Bitcoin, Quarkchain, Etherum, TRON, etc.

Recently Qpocket came up with its updated version 5.1, which included new functionality like Cold storage and Wallet Monitoring. Both provide a user with high security for the wallet with ease of use.


How Cold storage Works?

Basically, Cold storage is the hardware wallets, these best choice for safeguarding the crypto assets. The cold storage will provide high security as it works offline, disconnected with any endpoints. 

Cold storage includes:

  1. A user requires two mobile phones in working condition with the latest QPocket App downloaded. One mobile for transfer of asset and the other to maintain as Cold Wallet.
  2. The phone using as a cold Wallet, the Wallet address needs to be entered. You need to select the Cold Mode option after disconnecting from the internet. Now your phone is a Cold Wallet Phone.

Enlightening on Wallet Monitoring

Wallet monitoring is highly reliable by tracking the activity on the wallet linked to it. One can choose from various asset managing accounts with different alerting methods. Users can link any crypto wallet like Bitcoin or Ethereum. All the activities are trackable and alerted. It plays a vital role when suspicious activity hits on.

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