New Microsoft Window Defender Update Flaw Exposes Bitcoin to Theft

Recent security update on the Microsoft Window Defender Antivirus contains a flaw that exposes Bitcoin users to theft. The update, which was released on the latest windows defender version 4.18.2003 exposes the software to the risk of exposing sensitive user data such as cryptocurrency wallets logged on into the system to malicious players.

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Window Defender Antivirus Update Presents Potential Threat to Cryptocurrency Users

A recent report indicates that the latest update of the Window Defender antivirus is failing to complete system scans by either quitting or skipping specific types of files. The Antivirus software would later display an error report “Items Skipped during Scan” prompting the software to stop the scan. Security analysts could not verify which specific items the antivirus skipped during the scan.

The Window Defender flaw was detected only in the latest update of the window defender antivirus software. Microsoft applied the new update on the software in attempts to solve other issues affecting the system. Researchers further revealed that the flaw does not affect other Windows operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8.

The Microsoft security flaw shows how important it is to keep digital wallets safe and secure to protect the funds held in the wallets. Users are warned against storing their wallet keys and passwords on their computers online within encrypting the keys. This is not the first time Microsoft is being scrutinized for user securities. Investors are warned against storing their funds in environments that involve high risks.

Not Only Microsoft Systems at Risks

In the past flaws were detected both on the Apple and Android systems indicating that none of them can be very safe. Mainly smartphones that have been rooted or jailbroken present higher risks to such attracts as the main architecture is already compromised. The threat to the Microsoft system remains a bigger threat to privacy-centric endurance such as maintaining a cryptocurrency wallet.

With the increase in the number of digital currency malware, the latest threat from the Microsoft system increases on the pressures crypto users undergo to protect their funds. The latest flaw on the Microsoft antivirus software can be catastrophic for Bitcoin investors who deposit funds in desktop-based wallets.

Hackers use many different tricks and techniques to steal cryptocurrencies from unsuspecting users. Keyloggers, Rats and other similar scripts are being deployed to collect sensitive user data and share it anonymously without the user knowing. Malware, on the other hand, can switch bitcoin addresses in the process of transferring funds ending up redirecting the funds to the hackers’ Bitcoin address.

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