Google’s New Ad Borders on Humor + Reality Check for Cryptocurrency

Google posted an Ad on YouTube on Thursday lightly joking on cryptocurrency and hinting reality check for the crypto-space.

Money Isn’t Real

The advert is promoting the new Google assistant feature with Dulcé Sloan and Ronny Chieng posing as employees. While giving a demo on the new product, a scammer tries to phish Chieng pretends to make him rich but screens out thanks to the google assistant.

Advertisement Miners Garden

Pretty soon, Chieng receives a call from the electric company saying,  his bill is super high. To which Chieng confirms saying, “Cryptocurrency mining consumes a lot of electricity.”

Moreover, Sloan retorts with a humorous comment, “Cryptocurrency? That money is not real.”Cheing comes back at Sloan with a witty comment, “Well, I’ve got news for you: money’s not real, you gonna live that lie?”

Google and Cryptocurrency

Google had been on the fence about cryptocurrencies and ICOs, which caused risk and loss to a lot of investors and the general public. Due to which, it had banned Ads related to cryptocurrency and ICOs all around the world.

Recently changing its mind, Google rescinded its ban, in the US and Japan, and now allows only regulated exchanges to post ads on ICOs. With this, Google’s opinion has somewhat been pivoted away from the center and in favor of crypto. However, except for US and Japan, the ban is still in effect in other countries.

Check out the video on Todays topic:

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What do you think? Is Google making a huge move in the crypto-ecosystem? Let us know!

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