A New Catalyst For Blockchain Tech And Cryptocurrency- By SEC Authority

The Securities and Exchange Commission along with various regulatory authorities present some new guidelines to mainly strike and boost the adapting growth of blockchain tech and crypto transactions.

Nowadays, amongst the authorities, SEC is the most increasingly vocal over the community talks presenting their point of view. In the previous year, we experienced an array of charges coming out on irrespective of those operating unregistered securities platforms.

There are many firms continuing to lobby the SEC for a bitcoin ETF aka exchange-traded fund with strict backing right from the industry powerhouses including NYSE. As far as of now, incorporating new guidelines along with some relevant regulations will bring in more transparency.

New Guidelines To Streamline The Process

Apart from this, the new laws will give legitimate businesses an opportunity to invest and prepare their position in this emerging market. Now, looking at the market, it will be more common for any new blockchain or DLT platform to present or innovate some combination of PoS aka. And in various consensus logic in order to create consensus.

Say, example, firms in common to the alternative blockchain Hedera Hashgraph comparatively uses an innovative gossip protocol.  Which is helps to develop consensus.

Let’s see what comes in this year. We all expect PoW aka proof-of-work protocol remain prominently using in bitcoin the same way it was in the past. Moreover, issuing a PoW will let businesses to dive deeper into mining and describe exactly about their core built behind distributed ledger.

In 2018, the highlighting discussions were over security tokens and their liquidity. And this year, a security tokens seems to be a driving force. Looking at the majority of firms building ready-to-use capabilities including token creation, KYC, integration to exchanges, etc. However, the security token concept along with its benefits will come into action being realized. Meanwhile, these ready to use solutions will generate their stance allowing wide adoption of the industry. Therefore this is attracting as much interest from new investors.

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