Nedrick Ngo- Blockchain Is Revolutionizing The Gaming Industry

The Co-founder at Etheremon, Nedrick Ngo talks about blockchain and gaming looking at the current market about this tech to be used in every possible sector with positive norms.

Nedrick Ngo has been working four years at Singapore specializing in gaming and e-commerce industries. He says that:

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I was in one of the biggest companies in South Asia… and I started investing in cryptocurrency around 2016.

However, he retrieves the hands-on technology operating behind cryptocurrency- Blockchain by 2017. Since, then he believes that this tech holds a lot of potentials to transform numerous industries- purposefully a gaming industry. So, he resigned from his position and launched a company.

Nedrick Ngo also states that his company develops the games by quickly picking up which users seems to enjoy at its fullest. He kick-starts this by December 2017 and soon realizes that majority if the client is falling in love with Pokémon. After a complete analysis, he builds a product working on the same concept about assembling monsters. He further explains:

It’s like an adventure. Most people go around in the game collecting monster stuff. A few months later, after our presales of the digital assets of the monster, we started moving a lot of features around the core, which is a monster.

Moreover, he continues saying that most of the participants are now playing via desktop to use the application call. This helps you start building your wallet making a transaction via smart contract. Today, users can also accomplish it using some mobile browsers.

Considering the tokens at Etheremon, Nedrick Ngo speaks: the ERC 20 token operating on Ethereum with an idea to collaborate all products via similar components will facilitate in trading thus enhancing the liquidity of their tokens.

Currently, Etheremon holds a capital worth 20 million tokens, and yet the company does not initiate an ICO. The players operating games on the website receive reward along with tokens.

As per his reviews, like random blockchain game, they accomplish the gameplay after their release within the market.

We raised funds with the presale numbers and there were some assets that we only sold during presales. So, there are incentives for people to participate in the presales.

Rather than presale raising funds, this specific business model is somewhat like other games out there to sell in-game assets. Moreover, players are the forever owner for these blockchain game assets which is here to stay.

What do you think about Blockchain revolutionizing the Gaming Industry? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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