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Nano Coin Price Analysis: NANO/USD Hits $1.77 USD Following Mysterious Pump

With the beginning of the week, we can see the whole crypto market is bleeding red except few altcoins. One among them is Nano coin – NANO stood up higher and becomes the hottest altcoin among top 50 coins on Coinmarketcap.

According to coinmarketcap, the nano coin has increased 6.77% against USD and trading at $1.76  USD. In term of REP/BTC  the price surged up to 6.90% with the coin is trading at 0.00033289 BTC.

Currently, the coin has entered in the top 50’s and is ranking in 47th position, holding market cap $247,713,687 USD  with $12,779,895 USD 24 hour volume and 11,000,000 REP circulating supply.

Basically, Nano coin (NANO) is a low-latency, high-performance cryptocurrency that is built upon a block-lattice data structure to allow for unlimited scalability and zero transaction fees. The coin was formerly known as RaiBlocks.

Looking at the recent developments, Firstly, the firm announced to Developing on top of NANO just became even easier with the release of the new public node API

Secondly, NANO provided more options available for users to spend their cryptocurrency.

Lastly, The platform released a public node – Solidus, this introduce some milestone features to the protocol.

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