MovieCoin to Declare Public Presale for Security and Utility Tokens

Christopher Woodrow announced the start of their public presale on September which will include two types of tokens namely utility and security token sales.


Blockchain technology is knocking the doors of Hollywood. Initially, within the film funding sector, Tatatu has raised around $575 million USD in their Initial Coin Offerings. This follows an upcoming generation financial tech firm, MovieCoin which is leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. However, MovieCoin believes in revolutionizing the film and entertainment industries.


About MovieCoin: Moreover, this firm focuses on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and proprietary applications. MovieCoin desires to become a giant entertainment and transaction platform for funding motion pictures, TVs and multi-media.

The Company came into existence in 2017 by the CEO Christopher Woodrow through a partnership with BANKEX. However, they have offices in Vancouver, California, British Columbia.

Christopher Woodrow Announces its Public Presale                                         

The American financier and CEO at MovieCoin, Christopher Woodrow recently made an announcement about its public presale starting from September 17. Since the release of MovieCoin, people have shown tremendous interest from all around the space. To be more specific, a new discovery is awaiting that blockchain technology will bring a huge impact on entertainment financing.

According to Christopher Woodrow, investment in Hollywood needs a check of $50 million dollars for anyone to show oneself serious. However, incorporating blockchain technology can open up the completely multi-asset class to accredited investors.

Including a hard cap of 10,000 BTC; the public presale follows the outcome of the private presale of MovieCoin. However, the private sale successfully hits the soft cap around 2,000 BTC.

During the public presale, MovieCoin is accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and BKX tokens, and base commitment is set at 5 BTC or equivalent. However, they are simultaneously providing two types of tokens:

  • The MovieCoin Utility Token (MOV)
  • The MovieCoin Smart Fund (MSF) Security Token

Moreover, Christopher Woodrow believes that the MFS security token will be a tremendous hit for Hollywood in several ways. Initially, they are planning to sell $250 million worth of security tokens for financing 60 movies in coming six years.

However, the plan will work accordingly, selling 10 movies per year financing security tokens. The majority of films will count within $15 – $65 million budget range. They will sell two billion (MOV) MovieCoin Utility Tokens worth 0.11 USD per token while selling 250 million (MFS) MovieCoin Security Tokens worth 1 USD per token.

Initial buyers {AO1} at MOV will also acquire up to {AO2} 25 percent of bonuses {AO3}. Also, this public presale is going to end by October 30 around 00:00 [AO4] PST.

BANKEX will Issue the BKX Tokens

BANKEX is amongst the top 20 global Fintech Company building Proof-of-Asset Protocol for MovieCoin. This sound as a variation of the ERC-20 utility tokens incorporating Ethereum blockchain.

However, BKX tokens are eligible for the public presale with an addition of five percent bonus rate. Some leading BANKEX technologies include

  • The Proof-of-Asset Protocol for tokenization
  • Plasma Protocol
  • BANKEX Scan
  • Smart Justice
  • Trust Service, Pay
  • Bounty Service
  • The Solid Floating Point Library

The MovieCoin public presale participant needs to finish the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, which is a standard verification process. This will prevent capital token equivalents, from any illicit activities like money laundering. However, for participating any members can register at

Do you know such firms using new technologies to influence Hollywood as a whole? Is MovieCoin the first to enter the film sector?

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