Moonlet Beta 2.0 Extension Features & It’s Support For Zilliqa’s Native ZiL

Moonlet Beta 2.0 extension is out and before we start to discuss its features. It’s important to know what is Moonlet wallet?

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Moonlet is a blockchain agnostic cryptocurrency wallet, developed by cryptoland. Here, you will have full control over your funds, as the extension developed, will serve as a serverless solution.

All assets stored are under your full control, but there is a problem if you lose the secret phrase you cannot restore access to your moonlet wallet. The secret phrase is stored in your device with full encryption.

  • Moonlet wallet is Blockchain agnostic because of its browser extension which integrates functionalities for different blockchain platforms, like  Zilliqa and Ethereum. Moonlet supports zilliqa native coin zil.
  • Hence, Moonlet is a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD ) Wallet which is capable of deriving multiple accounts/addresses on multiple different blockchains using the single secret phrase.

Now let’s check features of Moonlet wallet:

1. Install Moonlet

First Add Moonlet extension to Chrome, then you need to create a new wallet OR restore an existing one.

2. Phishing Protection

Phishing Protection is added to Moonlet, which protects users from fake extensions. The official Moonlet icon flashes between blue/green and if it doesn’t, then you should be aware that there is a potential phishing attempt.

3. Adding  new accounts

Moonlet offers you to add as many derived accounts/addresses as you may need for each blockchain platform. Also, you can import loose account/address that was created with a different wallet by importing its private key. (check description link for derived and loose accounts/addresses)

  • Click ‘Add’ new account in order to open New Account page.
  • To Add – select the blockchain platform and click ‘CREATE’. An account/address will be generated by default.
  • To import- a loose account/address, select the blockchain platform, then paste your private key and click ‘IMPORT’.

You can check on the dashboard where the accounts/addresses created under Moonlet will have Moonlet’s icon.

4. Manage accounts/addresses

  • Send
    To send digital assets, click on ‘Send’ icon. Next, fill recipient field, add the amount you want to send and select transaction fee (no fee for Zilliqa). A final confirmation pop-up to check the transaction. Once you click send, the transaction would be processed.
  • Receive
    In receive page, you can check your address before sending it to someone or using it on exchanges. Also, you can see the QR code as well.
  • Reveal private key
    You can reveal each account/address private key if you want to have a backup or to import it on different wallets.
  • Reveal public key
    Similar to the private key, here also you can reveal the public key.
  • View on explorer
    This will take you to relevant address explorer pages. Where you can check transaction history.
  • Discard account/address
    If you want to discard a specific account/address within Moonlet dashboard, then this feature allows you to discard it. It can be useful if you import a loose account/address.
  • Access transactions
    All outbound transactions will appear under Send and Receive buttons. There you will be able to access the transaction detail page.

5. Settings

Here you can reveal secret phrase, change currency and  switch to testnet mode.

  • Reveal secret phrase
  • Change currency
  • Switch to testnet mode

This guide will help you to know about Moonlet and discover the features you can get on Moonlet Beta 2.0 extension. Moonlet can work with both Zilliqa and  Ethereum or Blockchain platforms.

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